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One of your tasks as a new bride-to-be will be creating gift registries to share with your guests! While this sounds fun in theory, wandering around Pottery Barn can leave you feeling pretty confused. What do you really need? What do guests want to buy? Will you really use that waffle maker? We can help! Follow these tips for a few registry must haves:

1.  The Practical Gifts – While not always the most exciting items, you’ll be thankful later that you registered for practical items AKA items you actually need. That knife set or those new pots and pans will definitely come in handy for years to come! These are items that you use in everyday life, such as towels, utensils, dishes or even a vacuum! Practical items are useful and people enjoy giving you gifts that they know you will use.

2. The Personal Gifts – Personal items should reflect you and your fiancé as a couple. Guests love personal gifts because they know it will be meaningful and that it is the perfect representation of you! If you’re a baker, this gift may be that Kitchen Aid Mixer you’ve always dreamed of or possibly a tent for the couple that loves to camp! Be sure to add several personal items to your registry because these will go quickly.

3. The Monogrammed Gifts – A good monogrammed gift is something that you will hold dear for many, many years. These gifts are the ones that you will show your children and grandchildren one day! You’ll never forget that you got this beautiful, monogrammed gift on your wedding day! An item as simple as a blanket or a frame is a sweet way to boast your new initials around your home.

Our last tip for creating your wedding registries to create no more than three registries! Be sure to add links to all of our registries onto your wedding website! What are some items you have on your registry? What items did you wish you had added? Share with us below!

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