Hi, I'm Becky!

Hi, friends! I’m Becky Baker, owner and wedding planner at Becky’s Brides. I’m a former accountant-turned-wedding planner, planning flawless, Southern weddings in Birmingham, Nashville, 30A and beyond. I love Dr. Pepper, pink peonies, and being able to witness the most heart-felt moments on my bride’s wedding days. I live out in the ‘burbs with my husband of 10 years and our sweet baby girl, Lyla and Boston Terrier, Julio. See below for more on the loves of my life and how I spend my free time! 

Owner/Executive Wedding Planner


Hi, I'm Kayte!

lead wedding planner

Hi, friends! I’m Kayte Bitterman, a lead wedding planner for Becky's Brides. I recently graduated from Samford University with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. I am from Atlanta, but loved Birmingham so much I decided to stay a while! I have a heart for people and absolutely love serving our brides on their wedding day! I love Starbucks, binge watching Friends, and spending time exploring my sweet home of Birmingham!


meet the    official Becky's brides team

meet the
      official Becky's
brides team


Jerard and I met when I was 20 years old and we knew pretty quickly this would be it! He was different from all the other guys and totally woo-ed me by being such a sweet Southern gentleman. 14 years later he still opens my car door for me every time and works hard to show me how much he loves me. He’s my biggest cheerleader, the most patient and kind man I’ve ever met, and truly my better half. Life is simpler and more fun when he’s around! I haven’t convinced him to “officially” join the Becky’s Brides team yet, but I’m working on it!

Jerard Baker

CEO - Chief Encouragement Officer

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Mini Wedding Planner

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Lyla joined our team on September 24, 2018 as our precious rainbow baby. She isn’t currently taking any brides just yet, but she’s certainly in training to do that one day! While you probably won’t see her in the office, she does make occasional appearances on Instagram. She loves Mickey Mouse Club House, eating, and walking around playing with everything she’s NOT supposed to play with. She is the answer to a prayer we prayed for for three long years, and we are so humbled and thankful to have this precious gift in our lives.   

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CTO - Chief treat officer


Julio joined our family after a LOT of convincing and bribing from Jerard, only 6 months into our marriage. I didn't think our lifestyle allowed time for a furbaby, but he's for sure one of the best decisions we ever made! We adopted Julio from the Alabama Boston Terrier Rescue when he was about 1.5 years old. He's the cutest, cuddliest little fella you've ever met. He got the surprise of his life when we brought Lyla home and he wasn't the ONLY baby in the house anymore, but we know he loves her deep down (even though he doesn't show it). He's been with us through some of our highest of highs and lowest of lows, and we can't imagine life without him!  

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