Virtual Wedding Planning Consultations | Coronavirus and Postponing Your Wedding

If you’re planning a wedding in late March, April, May or possibly even later, you are having to make decisions no brides have ever made before.  Should I postpone my wedding?  How do I even do that?  What do I need to be considering during this time?  It’s a challenging time FOR SURE!  We’ve never had to do this before either!  But now, after rescheduling several weddings, working with countless vendors, consulting with other industry leaders, I’ve learned quite a lot.

My e-mails and Instagram messages have been blowing up with brides (and moms!) asking me what they should do.  And honestly, every situation is different depending on a variety of things.  Sometimes it’s hard to accurately answer those questions without knowing a lot more about each specific wedding.  If you do not have a wedding planner to help you through this, I want to help!  So I’m excited to be offering 30 minute virtual wedding planning consultations to help you navigate these challenges!

Details: 30 Minute Virtual Wedding Planning Consultations
(via FaceTime of phone call)

Cost: $75.00 invoiced prior to your call

When: Tuesday, March 24th and Thursday, March 26th

Sign up for a time here:

*I will not tell you if you should postpone your wedding, as that is a decision only you can make.  I will however help you the best I can to walk you through the pros and cons and decide how to best handle your specific situation.*

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