How to Create Winning Welcome Bags

Welcome bags are a detail that many brides might accidentally overlook in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning! While it may be a last minute project, we think a well thought out welcome box will be a huge hit with your guests!  When you have friends and family coming into town for your wedding, you want to make sure to do something extra special for them. A welcome box is the perfect gift to make sure that your out-of-town loved ones feel welcomed as soon as they arrive!

When deciding on what to put in your welcome boxes, start with what you want to put the items in! You can get customized bags, cute crates, or fun boxes! Use beautiful ribbon and a personalized sticker to make Our best tip for this step is to make sure that this is cohesive with your wedding design and that it also represents the you and your groom’s unique personalities!

The next step in building the perfect welcome box is to include a welcome card from the couple. Be sure to include a schedule of events for the whole wedding weekend so everyone is on the same page! List a few of your favorite places to eat, shop and visit for all of those out-of-town guests who may want to explore your beautiful city. Also, if you are providing transportation for your guests throughout the weekend, specify the times and places your shuttles will be going so that guests can fully utilize it!

Filling your welcome boxes with snacks and goodies is the perfect opportunity to make your guests feel well taken care of. Your guests have traveled far and wide to be with you on your special day, and you know how hungry traveling can make you! Be sure to include snacks that everyone will like from bags of chips to candy bars! To make this part even more personal, you can include your favorite snacks with a little personalized note to explain them!

Finally, it is always a good idea to put unique items from your city into the welcome bags! Here at Becky’s Brides, we love our city of Birmingham and we take great pride in all of the unique places that our city has to offer. Birmingham is known for it’s steel industry and we have the tallest cast iron statue in the world, Vulcan Statue! For our Birmingham brides, we would encourage you to put a little souvenir in your bag. One item could even be a little key-chain of the Birmingham famous Vulcan Statue!

Whatever you decide to fill your welcome bags with, the best tip we could ever give you is to make sure that it represents you and your groom-to-be. We can promise that anything you greet your guests with will make them feel at home as soon as they arrive!

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