The 411 on Botox!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that I’m putting a lot of effort into having better skin this year.  One of the things that is super important for me in particular is botox.  I started getting botox approximately 4 years ago to help with the fine lines in my forehead as well as an anti-aging preventative.  I LOVE botox – it’s (almost) instant gratification, and it makes my skin so much smoother and makes my makeup glide on much better.  Botox brings life and youth into my face without changing my appearance.

I get my botox (and all of my skincare assistance) at Inverness Dermatology.  I’ve had the BEST experience with them – and I’ve visited quite a few dermatologists over the years.  I’m excited to be able to partner with Inverness Dermatology to share more about my botox experience, as well as provide some exciting things for you – keep reading to see more!

Recently I asked you guys what questions you had about botox on Instagram – you guys had a lot of them!  I’m excited to be able to answer those for you today!

Q: How long have you done it?  Ever had any issues? 

A: I’ve been doing botox for four year (minus one year when I was pregnant) and never had any issues!

Q: Is it worth the money?

A: In my honest opinion, it’s worth every cent!  I look noticeably younger and my skin looks fresher.  The lines in my forehead are really prominent and bothered me a lot, and botox makes those go away completely!

Q: Does it hurt?

A: It doesn’t hurt much.  It feels like a little pinch!  Hurt isn’t the right word – I’d describe it more as a little bit uncomfortable.  Inverness Dermatology gives you an ice pack to numb the area a bit before they get started.  It only takes a few minutes and then you’re done.

Q: How often do you have to do it to maintain it?

A: I get botox every 3-4 months.  So only a few times a year!

Q: When should I start getting botox?

A: One excellent thing about botox is in addition to it filling in the lines that you already have, it acts as a preventative.  Experts suggest that most people should start botox in their mid 20s.

Q: Am I too old to start getting botox?

A: No!  If you have lines you’d like to get rid of, botox will 100% help with that!

Q: Will botox make me look fake?

A: Nope!  The results of botox can be very natural and won’t change your appearance.

Q: How much botox is needed?

A: This will vary from person to person.  It depends on your lines and goals.  The dermatologist will help you with this!

And now for the best part!  I’m excited to be able to give away botox for one person, courtesy of Inverness Dermatology!  Head to Instagram to enter!  Winner will be announced on Friday, 5/7/21 on Instagram.


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