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The people you invite to your wedding are very important to you and your fiancé, so you want to ensure that they have an amazing overall experience at your wedding. Pretty flowers are nice and perfectly pressed linens are great, but it takes more than aesthetics to truly wow your wedding guests! Here are five fun ways to incorporate your own style all while thanking your guests for celebrating with you!

  1. Anticipate their needs and welcome them in style Your out-of-town guests have come from miles and miles to celebrate you and your groom! Be sure to make them feel loved as soon as they arrive. We adore wedding welcome bags or personalized goodies that can be left in their hotel room! Also, be sure to provide transportation to all wedding related activities.
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  2. Give them options Although this is ultimately your day, it never hurts to give your guests the gift of choice! Put a song request line on your RSVP along with some various meal options. These are two easy ways to make your guests feel involved! Also, it never hurts to include a custom monogram or watercolor (seen below) to start a cohesive wedding design from the very start!
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    Via Empress Stationery

  3. Interactive bars – We’re not just talking about the alcohol-serving bars here! There are so many creative ways to include interactive bars from popcorn bars to taco bars to milkshake bars. Make it personal to you and your fiancé and watch your guests have fun making their own creations!
    milkshake bar

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  4. Let them lounge – We are huge fans of providing lounge furniture at weddings! Receptions can be long for your guests and their feet will be tired from dancing so give them a space to relax. Lounge furniture is also a great element of your wedding design (and makes for very cute pictures!)
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  5. Provide entertainment for the kids – If you choose to include children in your wedding day, give their parents a little break and provide a kids activity table or section for them! Not only will this keep them busy, but it will allow for your friends with children to enjoy every minute of your big day. This is easy to do and their parents will thank you!
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There are so many fun ways to wow your wedding guests! Anything that is unique to you and your fiancé can turn into a personalized activity for your guests to enjoy. Did you include any special elements in your big day? Share with us on our Facebook or Instagram – we would love to hear!

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