Building a House with Signature Homes: The Design Process

We are weeks away from closing on the house we’ve been building with Signature Homes and we could not be more excited!  The home building process has been surprisingly easy and stress free and I think that’s because of how we chose to build and who we chose to build with.

Building a completely custom home sounds fun, but when we really thought more about it, we decided it was way too overwhelming.  Signature Homes really offers the best of all the building options in that we are able to customize our home to be what we want it to be without having SO many choices that makes it feel overwhelming.  Plus Signature has done an incredible job at creating and fostering community in their neighborhoods, and we love the community we are a part of and can’t wait to watch our little one grow up here!  Signature has great communities in Nashville and in Birmingham – I have brides who live in/and  who are building in both cities!  If you are looking to build in Birmingham or Nashville, definitely check out all the incredible Signature Home communities.  You can see those here!

The design process was hands down the most fun part of building this house!  Signature has an incredible design space in the model home of our neighborhood.  We got to go in and see all of the design choices and really play around and put together selections that were perfect for our style.  The process was so fun, easy and seamless!  You can see more of their design choices and features online in their online design studio here.

When we walked into the design studio, we really got to see all the possibilities of what our home could look like from an aesthetic perspective.  It’s really a fun way to truly kick off the home building process.  Signature provides a designer for you to work with, so while I thrive on pulling designs together, if it’s not your thing there is a professional to walk through it all with you and help you pull together an incredible design for your home.

If you know me, you already know that I have a clean, classic, and somewhat of a minimalist aesthetic. We really wanted our spaces to feel light and airy with classic design choices that we will hopefully love for a long time! Signature has so many great options for whatever your style is, but I appreciated that they have a lot of classic options too!!

Scroll down to see what we selected!  It’s been SO FUN to see this home being built from the ground up, and I can’t wait to see how our design selections come together when our home is complete!  Our prayer is that our little family will grow in this home, that we will be able to host our extended family and friends for fellowship, and that we will be able to see our precious little girl grow and develop genuine friendships in this community.

*This post is sponsored by Signature Homes, but all opinions and design selections are my own. *



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