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Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to be a wedding planner. I was an accountant! How in the world would an accountant run a wedding planning business?! But 10 years in, I think one of the reasons I’ve been so successful is because my background is in business and NOT weddings. There are so many incredibly talented creatives out there who really just struggle with the business side of things. I get it! You just want to spend your days being creative, NOT spend your time marketing, networking, accounting, emailing, etc! After 10 incredibly successful years in the wedding industry, I’ve learned a thing or two (or 12!) about running a successful wedding industry business. And I’m excited to help you do the same! 

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What we offer

Coaching for Creative Small Business Owners

Strategic Pricing for Wedding Planners Course

Marketing Your Wedding Planning Business Course

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Wedding Day Shadowing for Wedding Planners

For all Creatives

For Wedding planners

see how we produce and manage a real wedding

For wedding planners

see how another wedding planner executes wedding days

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Kind Words

I literally CANNOT say enough amazing words about Becky!

“She has had a huge influence on the way I run my business, market myself, price collections etc. through her honest feedback and guidance. Not only is she one of the best wedding planners in the entire industry, but she  knows how to navigate and handle any and every situation with professionalism, grace, and always having her client's best interests at heart.”

- Lauren Bailey

Lauren Bailey Photography


 I would have never been able to scale my business the way I have without Becky's help.

"I love what I do creatively, but running a business has always been something I've struggled with.  I had no systems in place, no idea how much money I spent or made, and I was really overwhelmed with everything all the time.  Over the last several years, I've worked with Becky to assist me on setting my business up for success.  She helped me find and set-up a software that I can easily manage my clients on, she set-up and trained me to have an accounting system so I can truly understand my finances, and she has helped me set-up systems and policies in my business that have really saved me numerous times.  Investing in consulting with her is truly one of the best things I've ever done for my business and I'm so grateful for her!!"

- Jackie Robinson



Working with Becky has been such a blessing!

"It's clear how successful her business has been, and she's been more than generous with teaching me and guiding me as my mentor planner for the past few years. The top lessons she has taught me is to never settle for 'less than I deserve' pricing and to ALWAYS go above and beyond for each of my clients. I'm so incredibly proud of the business I've built and the amazing relationships I've formed along the way with my ideal clients." 

- Jamie Brewer

Day Lily Events 


Coaching for Creative small Business Owners 

one on one customized coaching just for you!

Sometimes a course just won't cut it.  You need to pick someone's brain.  Someone who has experience.  This option is for you!  We will focus on the areas of your business that you specifically need help with.  Some options that I specialize in:
- Creating a dynamic marketing planning 
- portfolio/brand review and feedback
- Determining pricing for profit
- Creating an exceptional client experience 

Coaching is billed hourly at $200 per an hour
*discounted rates available for multiple hours

Coaching for creative small business owners

one on one coaching focusing on:

 creating dynamic marketing plans

set up easy to manage accounting systems

scale your business through hiring

create remarkable client experiences

strategic pricing for wedding planners Course 

Change your business...and your life with this easy to follow course, specifically for wedding planners!

CLick here to JOIN me now!!

strategic pricing for wedding planners

this course will teach:

wedding planners how to scale your businesses with strategic pricing

- Learn my exact two part pricing structure 
- Understand why you should price this way
- learn my exact pricing...from 2016 to now
- see how i sell this to my clients (and exactly what I send inquiring brides
- access the contract clauses you need to price your services strategically 

Wedding Day Shadowing

have you ever wanted to see how another planner runs a real wedding weekend?  Here's your chance!

come along with me on a real wedding weekend and learn how i: 
- direct a rehearsal
- oversee the wedding weekend production
- manage the wedding party and families
- troubleshoot any issues that arise
- staff for a wedding day
- direct the ceremony
- manage the reception
- pick my brain about weddings and business
- and so much more! 

Wedding day shadowing

have you ever wanted to see how another wedding planner runs a wedding weekend?

come along with me on a real wedding weekend and learn how to:

direct a rehearsal

manage the wedding party & families

Oversee wedding production

problem solving & staffing

and so much more!

$950 per a wedding weekend
*meals are included, travel not included

dates based on availability
e-mail to sign up!


marketing your wedding planning business course

how to successfully market your wedding business without spending a dime in traditional advertising - just like we do!

coming soon

marketing your wedding planning business

this course will teach you:

how to successfuly market your wedding business without paying a dime in advertising

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