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“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

You’ve probably heard of this tradition before; it’s one that provides good luck for the bride on her wedding day! Here are some ideas we love that signify something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Photo by Eric & Jamie Photography

Something Old:

  1. Family heirloom: A family heirloom, such as earrings or a ring from one of your relatives is the perfect touch to your day.
  2. Mother’s dress: A part of your mother’s wedding dress could be sown into your veil, garter, or the inside of your own wedding dress.
  3. Handkerchief: A handkerchief from your father or grandfather that is of significance to you.

Something New:

  1. Wedding dress: Buy the dress of your dreams!
  2. New piece of jewelry: Purchase a piece of jewelry to wear on your special day (Grooms – here’s a wedding gift idea for you!)
  3. New monogram: Have your new monogram embroidered on something on your getting ready robe

Something Borrowed:

  1. Veil: The veil from your mother’s or sisters wedding could be a special touch to your big day
  2. Cake topper or cake knife: A cake topper or cake knife from one of your relatives weddings is the perfect something borrowed.
  3. First dance song: Having trouble thinking of a first dance song? Borrow the one your parents danced to at their wedding and maybe even have them join in at the end of the song for a super special moment! 

Something Blue:

  1. Shoes: Throw some blue into your wedding wardrobe by wearing blue shoes down the aisle (bonus points if your toenails are painted blue, too!)
  2. Embroidered date: Embroider the date of your wedding inside the hem of your dress with blue thread!
  3. Garter: A blue garter is the perfect (and simple!) way to incorporate some blue into your wedding day!

Photo by Eric & Jamie Photography

We love that these ideas incorporate your family and special memories. We hope that these suggestions will help make your day even more special! Never miss out on a planning tip or trick by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

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