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Eric & Jamie Photography

Eric & Jamie Photography

After the ring is on your finger and the wedding date is set, sometimes a little bit of anxiety and stress can sneak into your mind. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by every detail that goes into planning the biggest day of your life, but it’s just as easy to calm down and refocus. We want to share five simple tips to finding rest and relaxation in the busiest season of your life –

  1. Trust your vendors: These are your wedding industry pros. This (hopefully) isn’t their first rodeo! Vendors are your go-to resource to help you navigate through your long to-do list. Trust them to do their job well and you’ll have all the time in the world to rest and recharge!
  2. Indulge: What’s your guilty pleasure? The spa? A favorite Netflix series? Shopping? Whatever your choice, make time to unwind and indulge in something you love. You never know how much a date night with your soon-to-be husband at your favorite restaurant can change your mood and leave you feeling refreshed.
  3. Unplug: This one might be the hardest on the list, but probably the most beneficial. To avoid wedding stress overload, turn your phone off, put the computer away and rest. You don’t want to constantly feel overloaded reading emails or texting your maid of honor every 3 minutes. Unplug from technology and watch just how quickly you can relax!
  4. Surround yourself: Family and friends are your best ally when it comes to getting rest and relaxation during wedding planning. Keep the people you love most close to you and try your hardest to talk about things other than your fabulous wedding sometimes!
  5. Remember why this amazing event is happening: You’re going to marry the love of your life! That’s what all this planning is for! Don’t ever lose sight of that or put your relationship with your fiancé on the back burner. When you keep your perspective aligned, you’ll realize planning your big day is a lot less stressful than you thought.

Our biggest hope for our brides is that she and her family will feel completely at ease and taken care of during the wedding planning process. We strive to take the stress away and encourage them to truly enjoy every second of the process! Want to know more about how we help our brides keep the anxiety at bay? Read all about it here!

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